Group Rides

The GFNY group rides are free for and open to all registered participants. Please be aware that many of them are non-supported rides. Bring all the food/drink/spare tubes/some cash/credit cards etc. that you may need. Wear a helmet, obey all traffic laws and follow the instructions of the ride leaders. Ride single file. YOU ARE RIDING AT YOUR OWN RISK AT ALL TIMES.

What you have to do

  1. Register for GFNY at if you haven't yet.
  2. Register for the ride on
  3. Download, print and sign the waiver for your group ride.

Where we virtually meet

Our virtual hang-out is the GFNY Facebook group. Join us!

Further questions?

Please contact Jared at

Gruppo Sportivo

Our Gruppo Sportivo members are your GFNY NYC group ride leaders. 

Jared Skolnick

  • Head of Group Rides
  • GS Member since 2014

Jared loves the exercise, freedom and camaraderie that riding gives him. While solo rides serve as his personal meditation, he’d love to go on a ride with his cycling role model Jens Voigt. Jared joined Gruppo Sportivo for two reasons: for the challenge and spectacle of GFNY and because he embraces proper group ride etiquette. “When each ride becomes a race, among individuals or smaller groups, there is little joy in the group ride. Racing is terrific, but its place is on a closed course, not an open road with many riders of varying abilities. That’s the place to share, learn, ride and socialize.” He also lost 20-pounds in his first training season and will never forget how much of a positive impact cycling has had on his well-being.

When Jared is not riding, he’s raving, sampling wine abroad with his wife or working in marketing.

Vito Valenteni

  • GS Member since 2012

Thomas Han

  • GS Member since 2016

Thomas is your man if you are seeking to finish GFNY in six hours - or even faster. He leads the A group on long endurance rides at a solid pace.

Born in Seoul, Thomas raced in the Vix Korea racing team and had multiple wins and podiums until he stopped racing in 2007.

Thomas is working at LG Electronics as a Home Appliances division manager. When not working, he loves mountain biking and rock climbing as well as road cycling and is a SICI Serotta certified bike fitter.

Mike Benowitz

  • GS Member since 2018 

Mike is a cycling tech geek. He loves discussing bicycles, groupsets, wheelsets and cycling electronics with anyone who will listen. He’s a five time GNY finisher, though it should be six. Next time you ride with him ask him why he had to abandon the EPIC 2013 GFNY NYC.

Mike loves cycling for the camaraderie and personal challenges it provides. Chatting on the flats and pushing hard on the climbs in hopes of topping his previous efforts.

Mike’s favorite climb is cheesecote. It’s challenging has great views and is close enough to his house that he can climb it early in the morning before work. 

Adrienne Carey

  • GS Member since 2018

Adrienne was intrigued by the “Green Jerseys” as a GFNY spectator and was looking for a new athletic challenge. So, she signed up the day after race day May 2015,  purchased a bike, showed up Day 1 of  the GFNY group rides, stayed committed,learned to become a cyclist and completed her first GFNY in 2016. Her passion for cycling is attributed to the GFNY and Gavia community who mentored and coached her along the way and she is eager to share that. Adrienne has completed 3 GFNY New York races and GFNY Portugal with plans for a GFNY trifecta in Italy, New York and Portugal for 2019. Adrienne is working as a Director of Nursing, and completing her Master’s Degree. Adrienne has a husband and 4 daughters who not only endure her love of pink and fitness but treasure their quality time “stalking” her on Oak Tree or Bear during ride days with her cycling friends. 

Hector Vinasco

  • GS Member since 2018

Hector is a skilled athlete who played soccer in his teens and transitioned to cycling. He was a competitive cyclist in Colombia and the United States. Hector is a 3x GFNY New York, 2x GFNY Cozumel and GFNY Colombia finisher. Hector is a family man who is always approachable and willing to lend a friendly hand to help others to enjoy and race like a pro. 

Chris Geiser

  • GS Member since 2019