Elite Homestay

Is your family interested in assisting an athlete from out of town by opening up your home and providing a safe place to stay? Homestays have long been a main stay of endurance sports.
Many people may believe that what they have to offer ‘isn’t enough’ and subsequently don’t offer anything up but no matter how small, dingy, or uncomfortable you think your room/bed/air mattress/couch may be. But that it is more comfortable than sleeping in the back of a car for a young athlete on limited means.
Benefits of hosting an Elite:
See what they do

Hosting an Elite is a great opportunity to see how they prepare for the race. Whether it’s hearing about their race strategy, what they eat, their pre-race routines, mental preparation, and more. It could also be your chance to have a mini Q&A with your elite athlete to learn more deeply about the sport, their experiences and interesting stories.
Supporting someone’s dreams
There are many ways to get involved with GFNY and make major life goals possible. Some people are racing, others are supporters of family members, others are volunteering. Another way to have a unique experience is hosting an Elite and make their dream of racing possible, where before maybe the travel expense made coming to the race out of reach.
Meet great people
Endurance athletes are a dedicated, hard working and passionate group. They may come from different cities or countries and different walks of life, but common character traits unite to provide a unique atmosphere.
GFNY is more fun to watch when you know someone racing. Who knows, your Elite could win! Following your Elite’s race day in the live broadcast and seeing their good and bad moments gives you a deeper connection to the race and hearing their post-race stories.

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Elite athlete guest application

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