Training Plan

For GFNY coaching and training programs specific to your needs and goals, please visit, where Vito Valentini (GS – GFNY member since 2011 and GAVIA Cycling Head Coach) offers GFNY specific coaching programs.

GFNY NYC 100 Miles

You completed the GWB - Bear course and are ready to step up your game; you have 12 weeks to get ready. What will you do? We have a plan! While the plan is not specific to you, the substance of the plan – increasing time, distance and effort over a 12 week period will help you to be ready on race day.

Couch to GFNY Bear

Perhaps you are a first time GFNY participant and you decided to set a big (scary?) goal for yourself – you signed up for GFNY Bear, correctly choosing the 50mile course. Welcome aboard; get ready for the ride of your life! The best training is simple and is treated as an important part of your lifestyle. At the same time, it doesn’t cause you so much stress that it is no longer enjoyable. We have created that very simple training plan for you with some time, distance, and percep- tion goals for you to consider. I didn’t say easy, I said simple; GFNY Bear is a challenge that will give you a great sense of accomplishment when you are done – just follow the plan.